Windows connection

If you want extra benefits, you can attach one or more Windows Computers to your CAB-5000 or Nimrod system.

This allows you to view, analyse & print your job records in a Windows environment, and produce graphs and charts and much more.
You can also take a booking or run any of the "on-line" programs from a Windows PC, while still keeping the greater stability of the core Unix system.

Note : For smaller Private Hire & Taxi Operators of up to 40 vehicles or more, and for chauffeur, executive and specialist operators, see our  NEW  CabVista Windows-based software.

If you would like to see a demonstration of the features available in Windows, please let us know.


Ring us to discuss your requirements.  
You can arrange to visit us for a demonstration of a CAB system.  
Our number is  0161-865-2377.

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