The Star Vend Computer System

The StarVend computer system is specially designed for the Vending Industry, and helps you to manage the following key areas of your vending operation:
1. Use our specially-designed StarBase module to keep DataBases of all your key basic data (including comprehensive records of all your customer sites, vending machines, products in those machines, spare parts, operators, engineers, vans, warehouses, suppliers, etc):

Options include:
Multi-User capability,
Export details to your Hand-Held Units, for working ‘in the field’.



Record the details of each visit that an operator makes to a machine:

Options include:
Use of Hand-Held Units for each of your operators, allowing fast and accurate data-collection.



Use our specially-designed StarDesk module to log and monitor fault reports and service calls and record the details of Engineers’ visits.
Options include:
Record spare-part usage using your Hand-Held Units and bar-code scanners.

4. Full Cash Control including automatic reconciliation of cash collected from machines with machine sales figures.

5. Record details quickly, efficiently and accurately using Hand-Held Units running software customized for your business.

6. Scan your products, machines, etc using bar-code scanners. Increase the speed and accuracy of your operator visits, stock inventories, stock transfers, engineers visits, etc.

7. Record stock levels, transfers, etc in all your warehouses, vans and machines.



Full Stock control for all the products in your warehouses and vans. Record and analyse issues to vans, returns from vans, purchase orders and supplier deliveries, etc.

9. Automatically create and print clear and accurate Royalty Statements.
Features include:
Individual Customer and Machine "Royalty Profiles"
Export to Sage Accounts

10. Use our specially-designed StarAccounts module to automatically create and print clear and accurate Invoices. This allows you to get your invoices out to customers easily and promptly.
Features include:
Individual Customer and Machine "Invoicing Profiles".
Export to Sage Accounts

11. StarVend automatically calculates the profitability of each machine.

12. Use our specially-designed StarReports module to produce a wide range of Management Reports and graphs in formats you can customize.



options so several people can view or analyse data simultaneously.

14. StarVend comprises a set of optional modules for different areas of your business - just choose the modules you require. You can add extra modules later if you wish.

15. Fully Windows™ compatible (95 and later), so you can export your data to Microsoft Excel™ and Word™, if you wish to further develop your own reports.

16. Fully documented, including a full Manual, and on-line interactive HelpScreens, etc.

In each case, you will enjoy full and accurate records, which you can access, edit or analyse at the push of a button, at any time.


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