Management Reports

from the Alpha computer system
for vending machines

The Alpha Management Reports comprise a comprehensive range of reports, graphs, pie-charts, spreadsheets, etc. to help you analyse your vending machine business in many ways.

At the press of a button, you can see vital information on all aspects of your vending-machine business, for snacks, drinks, cigarettes, coffee, cola, condoms, or whatever your vending machines are dispensing.

The reports are divided into five main topics as described below :

1.  Reviewing a period of time
2.  Checks & Reconciliations
3.  Report Finder
4.  Review Visits
5.  Telephone enquirie

1. Reviewing a period of time

You can review the progress of your vending operation during any period of time (a day, week, month, quarter, etc., or year-to-date).

Reports in this section include:

1. Cash taken in the period
(by vending machine)
this includes a grand total for the cash taken across all the dispensing machines

2. Stock used in the period
(by product)
shows the total number of units of each product used as fill during the period
eg. snacks, coke, cigarettes, drinks, cans.

3. Metered sales in the period by selection, including a grand total for all metered sales

4. Review cash and fill visits
in the period
any visit to any vend machine in the period can be reviewed in summary, or in full detail

5. Review engineer visits any engineer's visit can be reviewed in summary or in full detail

6. View profit in the period the profit each vending machine made during the period.  This is calculated allowing for VAT, royalties, running costs, etc

7. Analysis of problems to find problem vend machines

8. Ingredients usage by machine compares how much of a given product each machine uses to produce 1000 cups, so you can find those machines using far above the average in coffee, for example.

Most reports can be either be viewed in preview (the screen shows a preview of the report) and/or printed on your printer.


2. Checks & Reconciliations

You can run several checks on any period of time, to look for obvious "problems" with that period.  Simply enter the starting and ending dates (inclusive) of the period you wish to check.

Reports in this section include:

1. Vending machines from which no cash was taken makes sure you have not forgotten to take the cash from any vend machine

2. Operator Stock Checks checks that the stock (snacks, drinks, etc) being issued to an operator matches the stock he is using on his site visits

3. Machines with a given cash discrepancy looks for vend machines for which the cash taken was far less than expected

4. Columns that sold out looks for product lines in non-ingredients machines (snacks, cans, cigarettes, etc.) which regularly sell-out


3. Report Finder

Apart from the "period" and "check" reports above, there are a whole range of extra reports for you to choose from.

Simply choose the area of your business you wish to review, and a set of reports covering this area is then listed for you.

Areas of your business you can select from are:

4. Review Visits

You can review all the previous visits to a machine in full detail.

Choose the machine you wish to review, and you can then review all the standard cash & fill visits to that machine, or alternatively, all the engineers' & other visits.

5. Telephone Enquiries

If a customer rings you with a question, comment or proposal, you may wish to see all that customer's details and recent history.
The Telephone Enquiries Screen brings all that information together for you in one place, so you can quickly find the information you need, and demonstrate to the customer your complete knowledge of his/her situation.

Choose the customer you wish to review, and you are immediately shown that customer's basic details (address, telephone number, etc.) and can now investigate the particular area you want, by clicking on one of the following seven options:

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