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For taxi insurance scheme administrators:
This easy-to-use Windows™ computer system helps you control your weekly taxi insurance schemes.
A full record is kept of each taxi driver's personal and insurance policy details, along with a full history of his insurance policy payments.
At the end of the week, GH-Insure insurance software will automatically print the details the insurers require, ready for faxing.

It can save hours of work each week by:

A great time-saver -- to simplify your taxi insurance policy scheme.

Vehicle Location & Analysis

For vending operations:
Helps track your drivers as they travel along their daily routes.

Features include:

Hours worked
At the touch of a button you are told how many hours each driver has worked each day, and how this time was divided between travelling, working on-site, being on break (or at lunch) or on 'special' deliveries.

The times of leaving and returning home each day are also recorded, along with the total for the week or month.

Customer History
At the touch of a button, you are told when each customer was last visited, by whom, and for how many minutes the service lasted.  This includes operators and engineers.

You can view at least the previous 20 visits to each customer in great detail.

'Missed' Services
If any operator has missed a service, this is highlighted for you. You are also informed of any operator who is 'missing' (on holiday or ill) and which operator has taken over his/her route for today.

Storing useful information
The system includes databases for storing information on your vehicles, customers, machines, routes, engineers, orders, etc.

And much more . . .
There are 14 different displays on the Main Plotting Screen and many other options available to you  . . .

Customized  Systems

We have also created a number of bespoke computer systems for specific businesses.
If you would like a system customized for your business, please phone us on
61 865 2377,
or write to us with an outline of the business problem you would like a computer system to solve, at:
Gordon Haley Associates Limited, Merlewood House, 120 Urmston Lane, Stretford, Manchester M32 9BQ.

Systems currently being developed . . .

For Private Hire and Taxi Operators: new Windows software to help you run your business.

For larger private hire & taxi fleets: new Data Units, including colour, GPS, GPRS, etc.

Further details will appear here.

Write to Chris Johnson at:
Gordon Haley Associates Ltd,
Merlewood House,
120 Urmston Lane,
Manchester M32 9BQ.
Tel: (+44)   0161-865-2377

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