A Summary of the features
of the Alpha Computer System

for vending machine suppliers

Does your company maintain or supply stock to vending machines that dispense snacks, coffee or other hot drinks ?  Or cigarettes ?  
Or cola, soft drinks and cans ?  Or condoms, or tampons ?  
Or sandwiches, chocolate, etc ?  
If so, we can help you to control your vending business more efficiently using the
Alpha computer system.

Alpha has far too many features to describe fully on this page, but here is a quick checklist of the most important.  Just compare them with any other system !

Controlling your Stock:

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Controlling your Cash:

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Sales and Performance:

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And many other features, including:

For more details, phone 0161-865-2377 and ask for Mr Chris Johnson.

Gordon Haley Associates Ltd,
Merlewood House,
120 Urmston Lane,
Manchester M32 9BQ.
Tel: (+44)   0161-865-2377

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